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Pieced Together Leighann Bogner // Heather Ossandon


This work honors the tradition of women working in a communal setting to create something by hand. From fabric quilting to barn quilts, these pieces strive to elevate those rituals in a present day art context. Barn quilts have boldly brought a single replicated pattern stitched indoors by women over generations, and post it high and loud to flag a symbol of here. It represents a claim to space and a marker of presence. These modern markers serve as their literal form, a feminine object in a male dominated space, as well as large sharp shapes directing you and interrupting you as you navigate them. 



Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow is time suspended. The piece references both Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth as you encounter still picnic scene.  The only movement present is the sound of nightingales and ravens, as the forms themselves are in suspended animation. The forms exemplify the state of being in between different worlds, both those real and those imagined. 



Earlier Event: August 25
Closing Reception and Artist Talk
Later Event: February 3
AFTER (work) Zach Zecha