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Katy Czarnecki / Self Conscious

I am intensely interested in common gestures, such as the way many people give a “thumbs up” as a congratulatory gesture, or how across the world we hug and kiss to show affection. My current body of work is a personal narrative that is inspired by my analysis of how my identity was formed from childhood. The instability that I was governed by during these years took away any solid ground on which I could root my own identity.  Shy by nature and unsure of myself, I began to look at how others reacted to me in order to gauge my own personality and place in society. Through my past experiences, I have gained a unique perspective rooted in change that allows me to instinctively consider situations from multiple viewpoints.. I aim to promote this same examination in others by portraying recognizable bodily forms that act as physical manifestations of my perception of self through others. In doing so, viewers then have a reference point from which they can explore how they identify themselves.


Earlier Event: April 2
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Later Event: May 1
Trevor King // Eli Blasko