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Jena Seiler


Opening November 21, 7 pm - 10 pm 


The notion that images are continuously aiding our perception of human space fascinates me. Images serve to both mediate and represent space, fostering specific visibilities of space. In particular, I am interested in how representations of space may be utilized to suggest more complicated understandings of human space outside of a normative frame. The bracketing of visual space that occurs in the process of mediation lends itself to specific configurations of  “here” and “there”. Such delimitations enact ideological oppositions of space, such as “West versus the rest”. Thinking directly about the complexities of globalization and the imbalance of power and privilege in our globalized world, I work through representation to produce artwork that challenges notions of fixedness and disrupts imagery that aligns to a singular dominant narrative. The framing of space performed by images often suggests spaces of enclosure and function to perpetuate a state of hegemony. Pushing the peripheries that define “West” I seek to negotiate and challenge perceptions of space through the medium of images.