We're Doing a Patreon


We're doing it. We've got the Patreon going and we're looking for patrons. We've got plans for the funds we get. We want to put out more shows, faster. We want to put out more quality shows - better sound quality and more time with guests. We believe we're now closer to the level of audio we want to achieve. You might not hear it for a few episodes because we're a bit behind. We love promoting artists, art shows, and those involved in the arts. The podcast goes on. But we'd like it to go on at a more productive clip and that's where you come in. Any help is a big deal. Take a look at our page and feel free to drop us a few bucks or even 1 buck. Drops us a line and let us know what you like. Tell us what you don't like. Write us a review on iTunes. We'll take it. Thanks for listening!